Running for the pies

Running for the pies

Monday, 6 February 2012

15th January: Longing

On my regular Thursday night pilgrimmage to 'The Top' (Our village of Hook has two pubs of the same name: The White Hart, so they are referred to by us locals as 'The Top' and 'The Bottom', fortunately the other 2 pubs in the village have different names!), sharing a beer or two with all the guys who I used to play footy with when I moved to the village back in the late 90's. Back then Thursday night was training night and after training we all went down the pub for some post exercise lubrication. These days I am the only one from the crowd still playing - to be fair all but one of them are older than I am, but Thursday night has always remained pub night. Nowadays most of us are married, have families etc. but Thursday night has always remained our oasis during the week, the day when we can have a pass to go out for a few hours... But then again this Thursday night ritual has been going on for longer than most have been with their respective partners, so it is something that always has been and is accepted :)

The footy team in question, AFC Hook, had its reserve team set up by Walshy, who these days is the club president. Walshy  is a very keen cyclist and mountain biker now he has given up footy, and whilst chatting he advised me to check-out a magazine by the name of  Outdoor Fitness.

Walshy is coming-back off a back injury that has prevented him from doing too much cycling or running over the last few months so he has been out swimming of late to exercise and strengthen it, but now he's getting better he's looking for his next challenge. He mentioned that the articles are a good read as they are balanced over most outdoor disciplines so its not just about running, plus there's an events planner for the year... Needless to say I went out and bought a copy on his recommendation.

Sitting down the next day and having a good flick through I was engrossed and quite impressed to the point that I will be buying the next issue and would recommend it to those with a passing interest in physical activity out of doors.

Reading my way through it has made me realise again how much I have missed being out and active. It has been over a month of enforced rest and I am going stir-crazy. Reading about people mountain biking up and down Mount Snowdon makes me want to do it and the events planner detailing all the races out there this year from 10k XC races through tri's to open water swims makes me realise what I am missing out on being stuck here in recovery from injury.

Desperate to feel the wind through my hair once more.

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