Running for the pies

Running for the pies


Here's some other running blogs that I read:

12 Months, 12 Marathons by Ben Meakin: A fellow nutter who decided to challenge himself to run 12 marathons in 12 months!

A Trail Runner's Blog by Scot Dunlap: One of the leading ultrarunners out there presently running for team Inov8 in plenty of races that make you say 'I wish I was there' in times you can only dream of if you're a fat bloke like me!

Bike Run Swim by Richard Lander Stowe: An all round outdoors pursuit junky based down in Devon in the UK and a thoroughly decent humble guy if you ever get the chance to chat to him.

Den's Got the Runs by Dennis 'the Machine' Cartwright: A fellow Farnborough FC fan, marathon & ultra marathon runner who is in pursuit of entry to the 100 Marathon Club.

Running OK in the UK by Ian Chitson: A trail runner of all distances, although due to injury he's having to scale back on the number of longer runs.

Shut Up and Run by Beth Risdon: Another all round athlete who loves to run and also take on the occasional Iron Man (or should that be Iron Woman). Beth's a forthright and amusing writer who isn't afraid to tell it like it is on all aspects of running distance from the bottom up - read the blog and you'll get the reference ;)

Sorelimbs by Phil: Based in the wilds of Wales he's an ex army guy on his way back to fitness through running having decided to give up the smokes and shed a good few pounds by hitting those trails running.

The Uphill Struggle by Andrew Benham: Another trail runner from the wild west country, in this case Cornwall, who is also a pretty fine photographer as well.

Trails and Adventures by Graham Hush: More of an obstacle race meister than a trail marathon man, but some good interesting insights about the burgeoning class of mud & obstacle racing.

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