Running for the pies

Running for the pies


All the gear and no idea ;)


For the heavy duty trails I swear by the More Mile Cheviot trail shoes, of which I am on to my 4th pair, they last me about a winter season each time, so good for around 200 miles of hard-core racing for a fat bloke! For a long-term review of wearing them, then click here.

For an 'intermediate' tread I'm using a pair of Karrimor Pace Trail 2 at present.

When the trails are pretty dry then I go for Asics Gel Trail Tambora 4:

And on the road I am using Asics Gel Sugi's:

Base layer:

To give the old groins and hammy's support I wear 'Coolbase Skin Shorts' - black in the winter and white in summer. On the top I sport a Nike Pro Combat in the summer months:

In the colder months when a warmer top is needed I use a long sleeved Crane or Total Compression Thermal base layer, and the good thing about being long sleeves is you can roll them up when you get too hot!

Previously I have used 2XU calf guard stirrup compression sleeves, but after a good year and change they lost elasticity so I have given a try to what seems to be the favourite of all trail runners made by Compressport:


No-one wants to see a man's junk bouncing up and down unfettered in a pair of running tights or support shorts, so to save people from wanting to tear their eyes out as I lumber towards them I cover what little modesty I have with a pair of black Umbro football shorts, or a pair of white Farnborough FC shorts, or recently a proper pair of Karrimor running shorts with their built-in mesh banana hammock and pockets for gels/ keys etc.


In training it is a bit of a mixed bag of tech tees from the various races I have run, but for actual race-wear it is a custom-printed 'AWD' technical tee.


For my marathons I wear Ashmei trail-running socks, which are supremely comfortable (if extremely pricey!) so for everything else I wear More Mile 'Montana' socks.

Cold weather:
When its needed I have 2 thicknesses of Karrimor running gloves:

To keep the top half of me warm I have a light weight Dare 2B Speedfast jacket when I need to keep the wind out without overheating:

And when the weather gets significantly colder or I need to have a waterproof jacket I wear a Regatta 'Calderdale' lightweight waterproof jacket:

or when I need a waterproof but its not too cold, then it is a Montane 'Atomic' jacket:


To keep the sun off me when needed I wear a cycle cap as the bill is not too big so as to obscure vision, and it can be easily spun around my head so as to keep the sun off my neck if I'm running with it behind me or to the side for any period of time. In the winter I use one of the many buffs that I've acquired over time to warm my neck, or cover the lower part of my face and on the top if needed goes a woolen beanie.

For protective eyewear, at present I'm using some Sunwise Thunder sunnies:


Normally I run with a Camelbak Octane XCT:

Although space within it is limited, especially if you have to carry mandatory first aid kit etc. in the small pocket on the back. The zip pockets on the waist belt are excellent for holding gels and food in easy reach. For ultra runs I use the larger Camelbak Octane 18x

When a larger load is needed to be carried, then I use a Karrimor 25+5 which has the ability to take a 3L bladder inside its own pocket.


For running at night, especially in the winter months I use a Cree Q5 5W head torch:

Over the warmer months when I run without a jacket with pockets, For carrying the all important ipod to help keep sanity when the loneliness of the long distance runner sets in, I use an X-1 Momentum waterproof armband... It may be a ladies one and pink, but I'm confident enough in my sexuality for this not to bother me in the slightest!

For monitoring the runs and rides I use a Garmin Fenix 2.

The results are uploaded into Garmin Connect as 'Running4thePies' and on to Strava under my name: Neil Shoesmith.

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