Running for the pies

Running for the pies

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

6th November: Committed

Well I have now entered and organised the first 6 marathons for the year. I have also decided that I will attempt the local Hart Sprint Triathlon and the XT Triathlon (having enjoyed competing in the XT off road duathlon last year) so long as there are no clashes with the marathons. This does mean an extra training burden as whilst I can swim without any problems I cannot swim any distance with any technique as I have no upper body strength, so that will need to be rectified!

So after my planned New Years Day outing down the canal (weather permitting as I do not want to give myself hypothermia again as told in a previous post) I will have 6 weeks to build-up for the CTS South Devon on Feb 18th.

Next-up is the Sussex then Exmoor CTS marathons... Allegedly the Exmoor one is one of the hardest races in the country. One for a survivors badge of honour methinks!

In June there's the South Downs Marathon, something that I'm looking forward to experiencing having heard a lot about the route from Dean and Rob when they spent 2 days cycling its length, and from Walshy and El who cycled it at night.

Something else I am looking at doing is the 'Trailblaze' where you get your dongle through the post and you run a set route on one of their trails when you want and as far as you want, swiping your dongle on the marker posts... Once you're finished you stick it in the post to the organisers and your results go on to their leaderboard. The first one I'll be doing is the Thames Trail along the river from Kew on the Western edge of London further inland through the counties of Surrey and Berkshire.

As you can see I'm properly committed now, paid the entry fees, all fired-up and raring to go on the challenge :)

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