Running for the pies

Running for the pies

Monday, 18 February 2013

3rd February: Training Run

With the CTS South Devon looming on the horizon next weekend, I felt I needed to get out and do some miles. This time I thought I would extend the canal run I'd previously used as a final warm-up... So off I trotted to Church Crookham to join it, to make the run a decent 20 miler by the time I got back to the village. This was the first run I had done since picking-up that cold a couple of weeks ago.

The cold had pretty-much wiped me out from doing any physical activity at all, and whilst my mind was well and truly up-for-it, the body was not and after about 12 miles it was screaming at me not to do any more! The temperature was close to freezing and after nearly 2 hours of running with 2 t-shirts and my running jacket I was still feeling cold in my core, my leg muscles were stiff, unresponsive and were starting to cramp, and so for the first time on a run I decided to knock it on the head and give-up seeing as  the big run is next week.

The problem with doing this meant it was a 3 mile walk home, well at least I had my iPod to listen to.

One good thing the walk gave to me was the chance to watch some deer eating in a field next to the canal for longer than if I was running, and to follow the most beautiful bird in the British Isles from tree to tree for about half mile down the canal... The Kingfisher.

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