Running for the pies

Running for the pies

Monday, 31 July 2017

7th August: Haigh Woodlands Parkrun

Over the last week I’ve been recovering at LSS’s parent’s place just outside Chorley. Conveniently there’s a Co-Op just round the corner so I’ve been taking trips there to buy convenience food so I didn’t end-up eating the in-laws out of house & home.

The day after the LL50 I was struggling to walk - the soles of my feet had taken a right battering and were killing me. Walking to the Bluebird Cafe the morning after for a sausage sandwich with LSS & Spud was a feat of endurance - I say walk, it was more a slow painful shuffle!

With yesterday being Parkrun day, I had persuaded LSS that we should check-out the local one at Haigh Hall, the Haigh Woodland. With the in-laws in tow with their faithful hound we all traipsed down there to check it out and for Spud & me to run it.

Haigh Hall
Haigh Hall is a stately home perched on a hill overlooking Wigan to the west. The run route takes you on a route through the grounds. Today was apparently the alternative route due to ongoing works on the normal trail through the woodlands, so what we were to face was a 1.5mile blast downhill to the turn and then making it back the way we came to the finish.

The drop and climb of 335 ft each way was certainly a test… As soon as the hooter went Spud led me on a sprint as we flew down the hill notching a 6:40 first mile, then the dawning realisation of how fast and enjoyable this descent was we were going to be suffering on the way back. Sure enough, the 2nd & 3rd miles were nowhere near this initial pace!

Basingstoke Parkrun has nothing to offer in the way of hills by comparison - although the runners there will bleat and moan about the ‘tennis court hill’ with its height gain of about 20ft, so this was a bit of a baptism of fire as the first leg of any Parkrun tourism that I do.

Here's a link to my effort on the day.

If this was your local Parkrun then it would be a terrific test of your mettle and good training for any trail runs you might do with the climbing and descending which makes you realise that when you leave the ‘soft’ south behind things tend to be a bit harder ‘ooop north’.

The view down the hill over Wigan & the DW Stadium, home of Wigan Athletic & Wigan Warriors.
The walk to and from the start line past the Hall itself was very pleasant and it looks like it will be our Parkrun to undertake when we are up visiting LSS’s parents.

Eat Pies.
Drink Beer.
Run Far.


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