Running for the pies

Running for the pies

Sunday, 22 January 2017

May 29th: New camera!

Sod’s law this arrived on Monday after the Jurassic Quarter, but I have a new camera for capturing my exploits.

The engine on the previous Pentax waterproof ‘point and click’ camera was beginning to slow-down and the focussing was becoming somewhat erratic and quite time-consuming to work on automatic, which when you are running and want a quick shot proves problematic!

Searching on the ‘warehouse deals’ section on Amazon I found the Ricoh WG-30 waterproof, shockproof camera for a fraction of the RRP - the box had been dented so they were unable to send it as ‘new’.

Since the Pentax was purchased a decade ago the ‘brand’ has since been abandoned in favour of ‘Ricoh’, so in effect this camera is merely the updated version of what I am used to using… You never know, from now on the standard of the photography may improve as well ;)

Happily it sits in the pouch on the strap at the front of both my Camelbaks so no extra faffing required to carry and use it. 

Eat pies.
Drink beer.
Run far.

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